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Date:2012-9-13 17:58
Name: Jim Hardie
Place:Norfolk UK
Comment: I am now 71 and worked on pylons during the sixties, I worked for B I C C , Watshams, Mitchell Construction and Balfour Beatty, I worked on towers from the small 132 lines then went on to 275kv and finally onto the 400kv super grid towers, I worked with some of the best foremen in the UK. Jimmy Gale who had worked on the skylon at the 1951 Exhibition. Jimmy McCambridge who had the gang that everyone wanted to work with as we really did earn the Brass!! Alan Stallard (Devon) he was a great comedian and as always the laugh or Crack as we called it was number one, if the crack was bad I would move on as you all lived to take the mick out of everyone else. I did a tower 400kv in Norfolk and my then girlfriend wanted to climb to the bottom arm. she wore a mini skirt and as she went up five of us followed her up she was a real sport and gave us a good show!!! Lol! If you can organise a get together somewhere I will fill you in on all the strokes we played on the Electricity Board officials who tried to catch us without our safety harnesses on. We could never wear them as we chopped the chains off to tow steel around the field to get the towers up quicker as . No steel in the air meant no Beer at night. The rule was No harnesses, No Gloves even in winter and no safety hats. I will dig out my photos of three of us on the top of a 400kv D2 tower me sitting for the other two standing on the top bracing, it really got your bottle going ! Catch you all later with some more Crack ! Jim Hardie. I forgot to tell ypou I climbed all my years with One eye and One lung. Great until some Pratt brought in Medicals what ever do they know about life. Send any questions through this site or to my e.mail hardie622@gmail.com

Date:2011-10-4 12:05
Name:Autumn Barlow
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:I just used your name change wording - thank you so much, received my new passport and new bank card today! Hooray!

Date:2011-9-23 12:02
Name:andi farhall
Place:Hackney by the marshes
Comment:I thought it was just me that had a thing for pylons, i'm so glad other people like them too. cheers, A.

Date:2011-9-5 21:19
Name:Sue Gilbert
Place:W Yorkshire
Comment:Love your photos, and not just the pylons. You have a great eye for abstract composition! I do love the pylons of course, I first photographed some around 1968 on Romney Marsh, as they processed to Dungeness power station. I'm not sure I approve of the project/competition to bring the design "up to date". Our metal giants have their own power and grace.

Date:2011-8-31 22:57
Place:Cork, Ireland
Comment:Great and slightly surreal website, Flash; thanks for maintaining it! It reminded me of pylon-related incident of my teenage years, when I lived in Cork Harbour in Ireland. At the time, the Irish national electricity company, the ESB, planned to erect a line of particularly high voltage pylons across Great Island, the main landmass in the harbour. This was not received well, given that Cork Harbour was already heavily industrialised, and had a fair quota of pylons as things stood. The result was that the whole harbour area was festooned with signs saying "No More Pylons!" My friends and I, being fans of the pylon aesthetic, were having none of this. So, we went to every sign we could find, and inserted a colon between the first and second words. The result? A new sign saying: "No: More Pylons!" We were caught in the end. It was worth it though ;-)

Date:2011-6-4 15:59
Name:Kriss Bell
Place:Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
Comment:i am so fascinated by the pylons on the site. I never knew so many different types or styles of pylons were avalable. I've been into pylons since 1973 when i was just 1 year old and i am now (gulp) 39 this year and i still love to see them. We have quite a few pylons round where i live and there is a major junction / Power station near my hometown which is chock-a-block with pylons galore! from D-6, L-2, PL 16B and we've got even some special 3 way connection pylons as well as some very, very tall river crossing pylons, as where i live is near the river trent / ouse and humber junction. I love the pylons and have no problem publically saying so, as its a real passion of mine and has been for the last 38 years. I love the site and i really love seeing all these gorgeous UK and world pylons. I especially like the Pylons that are painted red and white! Saw some of these a lot when i went to france. I sorry that i am unable to provide any personal pics of them from where i live, as i have no camera (yet) but when i do, you will get a few great shots of pylons galore from Scunthorpe area.

Date:2011-5-23 12:15
Name:Tim Strafford-Taylor
Comment:Howdy My old man (RIP) worked from the war for BICC (then Balfour Beatty) till he retired. He spent most of that time as a project manager for powerline construction so had a large part in much of the Grid. He also worked on the Skylon the Thames Crossing, and also hooking up Skye over the Kyle of Localsh (about which I remember a lot from a family holiday). So is great to see this site :) Cheers tim

Date:2010-11-24 18:09
Name:David P Smyth
Place:Ringwood Hants
Comment:The photo of the L9 LD on the approach to Filton brough back memories for me. I was a linesman with BICC in the 60s and had worked on these towers, which were reduced height apparently in anticipation of Concorde.The towers presented a problem when it came to clamping in the wires (removing the 5 sheave blocks that the wires had been run through and sagged and replacing with clamps from the insulators to the wires)It couldn't be done in the usual way. It was down to us linesmen to devise a solution, which we did. I won't go on but the photo certainly brought those days back!

Date:2010-8-4 15:58
Name:Kate Tordoff
Comment:Thanks for the very useful and informative article on changing your name by deed poll. Following recent experience in hospital, where my mother despite numerous attempts on my part continues to be called by the first name on her birth certificate rather than the shortened form of her second name which she has been known by for 80+ years, I have determined to change my name on official documentation to Kate. This will spare my kids the hassle I've had and cause me less confusion when I'm old and demented and being cared for by strangers. Enjoy the Riesling

Date:2010-6-10 13:03
Place:Telford, UK
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:I like looking at your Iceland photos- I went there last July and some of your pictures are of things I saw :) Your pylons section is also pretty cool but very random :D

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