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Date:2005-6-21 11:01
Name:Amanda Holden
Comment: Thanks Flash, I've thoroughly enjoyed your site in the run up to my first Glastonbury Festival. Extremely informative; I've learnt so much, and the packing list has been invaluable. See you there!

Date:2005-6-20 22:58
Place:Sunny Hayling Island
Comment:I am going to pop my Glasto cherry this year and I have been wondering what to expect. Your site has really given me an insight and I now feel I can go prepared, thanks! Excellent stuff!

Date:2005-6-20 16:00
Comment: What a great informative and enthusiasm-building guide! So many information guides seem alien and detract from the spirit of the festival, but yours is helpful and inspiring. Cheers!

Date:2005-6-15 22:36
Name:kath jones
Comment: For years I've been saying to my hubby, who designs these things, why are two neighbours different from eachother. What are the various parts of a pylon called? Are they actually called pylons. AHH.. at last I have some answers. (SE England)

Date:2005-6-13 19:35
Name:michele reed
Place:st helens
Comment: Thank you so much for your site. My 2 daughters are in Tiny Tin Lady who are playing the acoustic tent on Friday. I had loads of questions about Glasto as I have never been before.You have answered loads of them and I cannot tell you how excited I am. Come along and see them then I can thank you in person Michele

Date:2005-6-13 18:36
Name:John Ralph
Comment: Hi Flash - Just a note to thank your good self (& lambchops) for trying to help me/my family/& friends to get tickets for this years Glasto.Unfortunately,despite your best efforts,I've managed to miss both your recent e-mail alerts due to work(I teach at a college)duties.I'm still keeping one eye out,right up to the gates being opened,though my family are now resigned to not going,and tell me to "let it go!"Have managed to get tickets to the Cambridge Folk Festival,which is definitely a blast,but not quite the same as Glasto!If you are going yourself this year,have a good'n,and once again,many thanks for trying to get us all to the ball....Cheers,John Ralph (aka -'rennigator' on the boards)

Date:2005-6-12 23:57
Place:Milton Keynes
Comment: Thanks 4 the info & Great advice. C U There.

Date:2005-6-9 17:54
Comment: What a great site, its so nice to re-live the memories of 2002-2004 inclusive. I was at the HHF gig too on Saturday night, it was amazing, expecially when they played Hallejuh Jordan. Anyway, hope you all have a nice Glasto 05, i will make sure i have double the fun to carry me through to 2007!

Date:2005-6-7 17:31
Comment:Wow, reading your site has got this glastonbury virgin VERY excited! Cant wait for the fun to begin, thanks for all your hints and tips, will be on the look out for you at the Festival Message Board party Thursday night to share a cider to show my appreciation! Just over 2 weeks to go!

Date:2005-5-31 09:50
Comment: Thanks heaps for all the awesome info and tips. Already really excited about this years festy,last years was such a goodie!! Hooray!! Love to all....x

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