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Date:2005-2-1 14:09
Name:henry the thirst
Place:new haw, surrey
Comment: i stumbled on your site whilst googling for a stuffed marrow recipe. i'm most impressed with the set-up and will come back soon for a real rummage through it. my interests are narrowboating (i'm lucky enough to have one on the wey navigation) and geocaching which is a sort of treasure hunt using a GPS. i'll be sure to pass a link to your site on to my friends at the blog-ring that i inhabit. i won't post the title of said ring in case you think i'm advertising. thank you for a great looking site. henry. xxx

Date:2005-1-29 00:55
Name:Russell Ward
Place:Stoke Newington, London
Comment: Hia, I came across your page looking for a review of the Ivy restaurant - your helpful one confirmed my good impression. But I've bookmarked it, impressed by the fun, eclectic mix of info. One tip though - I think you could learn some of the basics of photography, e.g. not cutting off heads, centering subjects and having their attention rather than looking off somewhere else. It's a niggling point I'm only making because the site is so near to perfect. All the best. Russell PS. I'm starting my own biz to create audio guide/CD Roms, starting with a PsychoGeography of Stoke Newington, then hopefully museums and galleries. If I get funding your up my list for halping with a website etc.

Date:2005-1-28 00:05
Comment:According to NME The Tears (the new band of ex-Suede partners Brett Anderson & Bernard Butler) will be playing at Glasto 2005.

Date:2005-1-26 13:18
Name:Dave Pylonwalker
Comment:Wow, I never thought I'd find so much information on pylons! I've downloaded images and put them on my wallpaper, thanx!!! I will try to send you some of my own pylons I love the most, :) :) :) :) :) :)

Date:2005-1-11 10:24
Name:David Forrester
Place:Leicester England
Comment: I used to be a structural engineer designing structures to hold quarry plant etc I appreciate the theoretical side of beams/struts/columns, along with stresses both tension and compression, and see pylons as a "perfect" structure for the job they do, and are one of the most graceful in utility engineering. structures you are likely to see I think they are what they are because they are costed down to the penny and you will find that even with the gross safety margins they were designed at no part is bigger than it need be, there is both an economy of cost and scale. Thank you for a most interesting and proffesional site ( my initial interest was in the corona effect) My Geekiness is old Landrovers but I can really appreciate your love of structures. I am now a lorry driver and see many pylons but will look at them anew after reading this site. Thanks Dave

Date:2005-1-6 19:33
Name:Tim haig
Place: hedge end ,southampton, england
Comment:The pylon section of this website is really kool i go on it loads i am going to Romania and i will try to photograph a pylon hope you do well!

Date:2005-1-5 20:24
Name:king tim
Comment: this website is the best website in the world i go on it everyday go Gorge

Date:2004-12-31 19:07
Comment: Really enjoyed playing Canasta with you today (new year's eve). Love your website, very interesting, specially the Cantasa tips & strats...some I already do, but did learn a few things. Take Care, Patsy from Montana

Date:2004-12-30 23:06
Name:Pattie Thomas
Comment:I just discovered your site and are loving it. I'm part of a project promoting diversity and accessibility in travel called "The Ample Traveler." I loved your Glastonbury travelogue so much that I wrote about it on our blog, Ample Ramblings (http://ampleramblings.blogspot.com). I hope you will stop by for a visit sometime. Cheers.

Date:2004-12-23 16:18
Name:Andy (paganlovegod)
Place:Norfolk ,England
Comment: just passing through again ,great site Vampy loved the glastonbury pages andy xxxx

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