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Date:2004-12-19 02:36
Place:California, USA
Comment:Great pictures - cool site. I was also wondering, you have a photo of a complex change-over tower... do you know what their purpose is? Thanks!!

Date:2004-12-18 00:45
Comment:How many members of the victims' families have you bothered writing to? Oh None. I see.

Date:2004-12-15 15:41
Comment:after reading about writing to prisoners on death row i am now certain to start the process of doing just that. thankyou for your insight and own experience with this difficult decision that i have now resolved.. becky

Date:2004-12-14 20:41
Name:Darren J Sage
Place:York, England
Comment: It's reassuring to know that somebody else finds pylons interesting - I have some photos that I need to scan in and then you can have then to add to your site, including single circuit pylons near Tickhill, Sheffield, 275kv/400kv interactions around North/West Yorkshire, butterfly tops in York and monster 400kv towers at Hams Hall, Birmigham. My partner lived next to a 275kv line at Tamworth, so he's suitably interested too! Thanks again.

Date:2004-12-5 14:17
Comment: plz could u tell me how the construction of electricity pylons happen and also what materials are used. could u email me at naderkhan@gmail.com

Date:2004-12-4 12:42
Comment:You lie! Your page isn't correct HTML 4.01 you forgot all the alt tags mister!

Date:2004-12-2 21:43
Comment:nice fish articles you got there.

Date:2004-11-19 01:36
Comment: whoa this is so awesome! I don't know what it is about these things, but I loooove them. I thought it was just me!

Date:2004-11-5 15:25
Comment: Ahh It's good to see another with an unhealthy appetite for pylons.

Date:2004-10-31 10:16
Comment: You should leave the IQ information out unless you re-test with a different a legitimate test. The “Test” you took was a hoax, as most on the internet are. I scored a 160 while drinking heavily, making diner and going off about how pretentious your website is. Accurate IQ tests can be found at most High schools and at nearly all colleges. The tests are very useful and can give valuable insight to your abilities. A test such as the “true false” one you took gives blatantly incorrect results because... well… you “didn’t expect to do so well” even with all you’re “distractions” taking the “test.”

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