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Date:2004-9-12 18:12
Name:Lewis Osbourne
Comment: Went there on 11/9/2004 - service appalling. Hook of Herring which sounded very nice was no longer available although on meneu!! Pancake was luke warm and tasted undercooked. Sent nback tp be reheated (waitress said no! and I had to call manager).Asked for mushrooms that I needed to search for. Left some behind which I never do!! I FELT SICK FOR MOST OF THE EVENING AFTER EATING THERE!! Restaurant is dingy - toilets are dirty - they are too lazy to spend money on the place which used to be nice but which has gone down hill over the last few years. I WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN!! Try the 1 in Chelsea - a lot nicer - food service and decor!!!!

Date:2004-9-11 05:08
Comment: Hey I loved your site! I'm a sponsor too and I loved reading about your children! Continue spreading the love <3

Date:2004-8-20 17:01
Name:ben rapkin
Comment: hi. i am just writing (typing accually) to tell u that im very intersterested in this site. also pylons ans insulators in general. i live in hillsbourough new jersey,usa and in this town, there are alot of pylons, ecpecially for a "mid-sized" town. its not like a city,though. so any way, i like to look at them and i also like to look at other web sites. i found your site the most interesting. like the pink pylon, for example. you have some pretty cool pictures. ben rapkin, new jersey, usa

Date:2004-8-15 08:57
Comment: hi, any pylon lovers from Berlin or L.A. around......? O.

Date:2004-7-22 19:23
Comment:I found your site whilst looking for inspiration in writing to my sponsor child (Zawadi from Kenya, also via Plan). She cannot write yet, so the letters are all onesided and it's therefore difficult to know what to write. I hope you don't mind, but I've taken some inspiration from your letters to your sponsor child. I shall enjoy looking at the rest of your excellent site later. Thanks. Janet

Date:2004-7-20 21:28
Name:Carolyn Moore
Comment: Brilliant. Loved seeing all the photos. They look quite like mine, some of them! Sorry we didn't meet on the Friday but didn't get in until quite late, in time for Oasis. Sorry you didn't mention Paul McCartney. His performance was fantastic for us over 50's! Even my 16 year old daughter was singing along although I couldn't sing along to most of the other things she made me watch. Look forward to seeing you next year.

Date:2004-7-7 20:14
Place:East TN
Comment:Flash, you never cease to amaze me... you're quite the busy person... glad to have made your aquaintance.

Date:2004-7-3 07:51
Name:Dave Miles
Comment: Good Photos of Glastonbury, really enjoyed them...........Thanks

Date:2004-6-28 01:50
Comment: I love the photos you took of the Howard Jones 20th Anniv show. Maybe you would allow me to put them on my website? That would be great. Your site is excellent.. Thanks for having it here. :) Susan

Date:2004-6-18 21:18
Comment:I was there and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It was great!

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