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Date:2004-6-13 15:03
Place:w wales
Comment:forgot how to cook egg fried rice, and came across your sit by accident. found fish section most enjoyable and have similar experiences,, now keeping 2 green severum with three clown loach and two hatchetfish but need more gallonage- only got 35 need more like 50/60. cheers cool site. Jack

Date:2004-6-10 23:48
Comment: u hav f*ckin brilliant taste Linkin Park, InMe and Finch all rule!

Date:2004-6-4 01:40
Name:Mark (Idol Justice)
Comment:Idol Justice are a three piece melodic hardcore metal act from the Bath / Bristol area. We are playing Glastonbury Festival on the Sunday at 11:15 a.m til 12:00 on the Little Massive stage (a part of the Avalon fields apparently lol) And would appreciate it if you could all come down, show your support and rock out. Please tell everyone you know that are goin to the festival and make this a memorable experience for all If you like your music heavy, fast but at the same time melodic then this is the band for you Thanks Mark - Idol Justice http://www.idoljustice.tk

Date:2004-5-22 23:05
Name:Ian S
Place:Sudbury Hill, London
Comment:Fascinating site. I, like many others, came across it looking for Glasto info and sort of got hooked. Seeing as I've lived in the A406 area most of my life, here are a few bits you might want to add. When I was a kid (early-mid 70's) the pub that is now the sports bar and formerly Legends was known as The Cock. The 34 bus that ran from Whipps Cross would display "Palmer's Green (The Cock)" on the front as its destination, much to our amusement. The still-derelict site opposite to the bar was the old Grey-Green coach depot, and the starting point for many a family holiday to the Essex/Suffolk coast for us. I was also riding home on my bike on the night the water main burst outside the Ace Cafe, and saw it go off - it was pretty spectacular, to say the least.

Date:2004-5-18 17:50
Comment: Your site is sooo great. The A406 pages really made us all laugh as it seems we have spent a lifetime travelling on it, so good to see it get some exposure!!! (We think that 'I luv you kelly' grafitti was painted over because he doesn't love kelly any more?)

Date:2004-5-14 23:24
Place:bridgwater uk
Comment: corny as it sounds, what a great site, i got my pilton tickets and cant wait, also i keep fish...ha im am entertained...thnx, ill buy you a beer if i ever meet ya!!!

Date:2004-5-11 11:33
Comment:when i was a child of age 5 or 6 i discovered the consolation of pylons. growing up at my grandparents house in an atmosphere of abuse i canīt remember a whole day living with a light heart. one day we passed a huge number of pylons on a german highway and i said to myself while watching them: i wanna get out of here and wanna do something essential and bigger then me. it was a magic moment when i decided not to go down, not to end up as a victim. since i remember this, pylons are like good spiritual guides to me. they help me getting back to my visions and getting the power for doing what i have to do. oliver

Date:2004-5-9 11:44
Comment:text messages flying around since one of my mates found your site and the mere mention of U2!

Date:2004-5-7 03:00
Name:Peter Shepherd
Comment:Anybody who can incorporate Fishkeeping alongside the Glastonbury festival + pylons and death row inmates shows one hell of an imaginative flare in my book. Certainly one of the more entertaining sites i've seen. Keep it up! (Especially the pylons section?????????).

Date:2004-5-3 18:27
Comment:oi oi not a bad site but the bit about 'catering for a vegetarian' made me cringe... it reminded me of some 1950's pamphlet on homosexuality... "the veggie will feel just as awkward as you"... i don't remember feeling awkward at any of my carnivorous friends' dinner parties! an interesting attempt but it alienates vegetarian individuals to some extent don't you think? cool glasto coverage tho.

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