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Date:2010-5-13 20:33
Name:kelly hulse
Place:grimsby uk
Comment:hi i think your site is great for people that have greyhounds or who are wanting to take on a ex-racing greyhound and need information on what to feed them

Date:2010-3-25 10:44
Name:Danfox Davies
Place:Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Comment:Take a look at the new pictures of my Lego pylon designs at www.vulpinedesigns.co.uk - click on the designs gallery and scroll down to 'It's Electrifying!' (sorry for the cliché, couldn't resist). Lego pylons, 7 foot tall, up for sale to anyone who wants them. Built to order. Without this site and www.pylons.org I'd have never been able to design them. Thank you!

Date:2010-3-11 21:43
Place:north wales
Comment:hi flash you r not mad!!! i work and have worked on pylons all over the british isles, but curently working on the wooden pole variaty a the moment building 11 and 33 and some 66kv networks. like you i can not travel anywere without looking or explaining to my girlfriend on how to go about about and put them together or stringing across lakes and valleys, she is even picking up phrases we use in work now!!! apparently some of my mates who work up in scotland went to usa to work and had to get boats to some of them and there is even one shaped like mikky mouse by disneyland!!(but dont quote me on that) keep up the good work and just think of us when its bloody freezing and we are trying to restore power under fault condisions in the snow and rain to the little old woman on the mountain!!!

Date:2009-11-12 13:28
Comment:Great pics. I thought I was the only person that loved pylons. Of course my friends think I'm barking mad! Pylons look like 'giants carrying power across the country' or 'large pussycats with electrifying whiskers!' I cannot understand why pylons are usually described as eyesores and yet wind turbines are seen as attractive. Katy

Date:2009-8-30 14:15
Comment:Don't know how I found your website but I really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

Date:2009-7-16 21:58
Comment:My 4 year old son is completely mad about pylons (or pylonds as he calls them) and is fascinated by electricity, in fact I've had to make pylons out of Lego for him today! Tomorrow I shall show him your pylon photos, he is going to LOVE them! Thank you, you're about to make a little boy very happy indeed! Tamsin :o)

Date:2009-6-20 12:50
Name:Lodge McAuley
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:Dude, this website made me laugh... not in an insulting way i mean ive felt really shite recently and random stuff is funny. Before lookin at ur pylon photos i was lookin at meat hats lol. Adopting greyhounds is cool :D Whatever floats ur boat i guess, STAY HAPPY Lodge

Date:2009-6-17 23:10
Name:Ken Wright
Comment:Hiya Flash I began taking a casual notice of pylons during boring trips - as you do. It soon dawned there was a variety - both in design and the amount of cables carried. So I began to sit up and take more notice. Wow, there's a set that's carrying 35! Funnily, no-one else travelling with me seemed remotely interested. I even voiced the possibility that "I bet there's a web site all about pylons." Odd looks turning to pity/contempt/you're not going to look are you? So here I am. Thanks so much, Flash. I hope to visit often. And there's so much to see and read! Cheers Ken

Date:2009-6-17 17:43
Comment:Just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant site and useful info. I was a Glaso virgin in 2007 and i am going back this year as part of my 50th year celebrations. There really is no place like it anywhere, and you are right, just go with an open mind,free spirit,ready to drink,party and make new friends, and discover new experiences. Bring it on!!

Date:2009-5-15 15:29
Comment:Heya! Searched Glastonbury festival line up and ended up here! Can i just say this site is amazing. Theres so much to read and watch, altho im meant to be revising! Haha. Your tropical fish section is really goods and detailed. The Pylons thing was interesting to, since i was little i have thought they were pretty awesome structures! Keep up the good work! Lydia xx (PS Flash is a wicked name!)

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