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Date:2004-3-16 19:49
Name:Karen Richey
Place:Glasgow Scotland
Comment: Hi there!! Was surfing the net looking for somewhere to add an inmate to some sites and came across your site. Nice site:)

Date:2004-3-7 16:58
Name:arthur wengawenga
Place:Malawi, Central Africa
Comment: I was looking for these structures to broaden my technical knowledge, so I just came across this website. I was working on these structures at my work place(a power utility company in Malawi , Central Africa).That's a great website !!

Date:2004-3-5 12:51
Name:scary sarah
Comment: weirdest thing! googled for glasto line up rumours, hit the feeling lucky button, and got your site! hope all is good with you. scary xx How are you

Date:2004-3-2 23:57
Place:London, UK
Comment: Heard you on Five Live the other night (perhaps it was last night. Just had to check out your site. Beautifully crafted (and the site ain't too bad either). Keep up the good work

Date:2004-3-2 11:04
Name:Dave Miles
Comment: heard you on Radio 5 this morning and had to haev a look at the site. Its very interesting and will take me a while to get through it. But will certainly visit it again. Thanks, Dave

Date:2004-2-23 15:28
Place:@ present, Oxford
Comment:Excellent website, original personal touches, with valid facts and fantastic photos. It really is nice to still see sites that are just organically created and maintain, rather than this company monkey everywhere. Please keep it up.

Date:2004-2-2 15:26
Comment:Hello, good web site! Just wondered if someone could clear up a small matter for me? The photo of the girl on the home page and throughout the site.Does anyone know where the photo came from or who it is of? The reason I ask is that I look in the mirror a few times a day and see exactly that.It actually looks like a specific photo I have of myself. Would be most gratefull of a reply. many thanks A very freaked out Sazzle xxxx

Date:2004-1-29 09:33
Comment: Hi i went to this limp bizkit gig! these are soem really good pics! i will never forget this day thanks 4 themomories :D! Toodles x x x Millie

Date:2004-1-11 17:36
Name:Wayne Morton
Place:Louisiana USA
Comment: My trade in England before i moved to USA was as a sub contract pylon painter, i have used your site to show people the sort of structures i am used to climbing and working on, i also used to build them for Balfour Beatty sub contracting to the national grid, i am currently looking for this sort of work in the USA and would like to know if i can print pictures from your site to show employers what i'm talking about, and YES i have climbed the 630ft towers that span the Thames, they do need the saftey nets under the arms to be replaced mind.... if you dont mind i'll use a few of your photo's for employment searches if ya dont mind.... thanx Wayne

Date:2004-1-5 21:31
Comment: Great plyons ! , I thought I was alone looking at the plyons, oh, they look gr8. You should visit GEC alstom works for crazy electricity structures/stuff before they crush it to oblivion... gr8 site... I will send some pics of my plyon

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