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Date:2003-12-27 19:06
Name:Barry King
Place:North London,ENGLAND
Comment: Such an informative site.Do you know when the steam train will run from Ongar? We the people of London have been waiting so long.I was listen in, to a caller on LBC some years ago,and she said the train would be running shortly.So far no train. Barry King e-mail barry@king4130.fsnet.co.uk

Date:2003-12-23 18:48
Comment:A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Date:2003-12-22 23:48
Comment: good site

Date:2003-12-4 22:42
Name:dieter de baets
Comment: nice site keep up the good work

Date:2003-11-27 12:26
Place:Hinckley, Leics. UK
Comment:Thanks. Your site is great, really well put together. The jokes were ace. Thanks for keeping a guest book. Regards Joanna x

Date:2003-10-30 16:32
Comment:Nice Pylons Love! Is there any way I can subscribe to any newsletters you do? I'm really interested in anything to do with the National Grid since my accident.

Date:2003-10-16 22:09
Name:Ben Kelly
Place:Somewhere in between the clicks
Comment:Dude, your site seems to have beefed out somewhat, Flash! Looking good , just thought I'd drop on by. Oh, and change that photo of me ffs! a cup of sweetness a pinch of sadness a touch of cinnamon and clove //benski

Date:2003-10-7 11:53
Place:Neath, S.Wales
Comment: shouldnt encourage 10 yr olds to like pylons though! used to live in taunton, nice place, love it.

Date:2003-9-18 11:29
Name:Rashid Lohiya
Comment:Wow! How do you get the time to make a great website like this baby? I'm still hanging on here @ Globix, making waves and rocking the boat as usual. Rashid

Date:2003-9-12 07:38
Comment: i enjoyed looking through your website heres a joke for you: whats black,white and red and cant turn round in a lift? A nun with a spear through her head . hope you get it. cheers

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