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Date:2003-9-9 19:59
Comment:I loved reading about your sponsored children. I just got my first one last month.. she is from Haiti and now, all of a sudden I already have 4!!! and a group of 12 kids in Kenya! *laughing* I am in the process of making a website about them, too! :)

Date:2003-8-20 14:56
Name:John Sunter
Comment: I saw the interview with you on the bbc news web site, and thought I would have a look at your web. I think its realy smart, you certainly have Charisma. Please dont visit my web site, its laughable compared to yours. Best Regards John Sunter

Date:2003-8-19 22:26
Comment: Hi...think you can now get the NIN DVD @ HMV in the sale (you may well have it by now) for about £12.... stay good...Dekidex

Date:2003-8-18 13:46
Place:leicester, UK
Comment:Having spent the past 16 years of family holidays travelling through France I have always been intrigued by the variety of 'character' pylons there are over there. Perhaps it's due to the wide open spaces but they seem much more 'human' than the ones over here! I've noted mum, dad and naughty child,maiden aunts, Samurai warriors and Grace Jones to name but a few. I was planning to publish a book containing photos and my interpretations but your web site makes me think it will be superfluous! Great pictures.Keep it up.

Date:2003-8-7 08:22
Comment:Since I was 2 years of age(55years)I have been intrigued by high tension transmission towers,water towers,signals,traffic signs,and antenna masts. Well I thought that I was an intelligent weird kid,but there are websites for each and every subject I`ve mentioned and its neat to know that many others enjoy these strange interests also. My grandfather was an electrical engineer when electrical generation first came into being,and Thomas Alva Edison is a distant cousin,so maybe its genetic,regardless you have a great site so keep it going.You have to go to Los Angeles and a 75 mile radius around it with a camera and 30 days to kill. L.A. HAS THE GREATEST,MOST ECLECTIC poles and pylons in the world from 1920 lattice work towers to the newest tubular behemoths,you name it they have it EVEN DISNEYLAND has 2-120 ft lines and 1 -200 ft line of towers running through its parking lot and 15 miles each way. If you ever get the chance check out L.A.,Long Beach,Downey,South Gate,Ontario, and Anaheim,you`ll never regret it. Thank you for your tour. Sincerely,Lionhearts.P.S. "Power to the people,yuk yuk"!

Date:2003-8-6 16:32
Name:Art J.M. Gelok
Place:Niagara area Canada
Comment:Nice Site I check in on it often Art

Date:2003-7-30 00:16
Place:Stockton on Tees
Comment: Oh fab web site.....kept me out of mischief whilst I was putting my computer to bed tonight. Loved Glastonbury. See our pics...Our is Otter camp!! My boyfriends site = web site 0tter.com (with a 'zero' not an Oh.) I bet this isnt making any sense what so ever. Anyway, enjoyed your site!

Date:2003-7-21 12:50
Comment:Adam Ant on TV ? That's me too that is. Not the money bit. The mad bit.

Date:2003-7-20 14:44
Name:Oliver Thomas
Place:Pilling Lancs
Comment: I am 4 and a half years old and very much enjoy the different pylons around the country. My mother is very kind in supporting me in my interest. Thank you for a brilliant site. Very enjoyable.

Date:2003-7-6 14:32
Name:Robert Brown
Comment:Love the site, I'm a regular visitor and always find it interesting, keep up the good work!

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