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Date:2003-6-25 15:32
Name:Wayne Stephens
Comment:Hello-- I manage two sites Ferrari-ForSale.com and TheFerrariShop.com. I would like to have permission to use your some of your photos of the Black Ferrari Enzo on one or both of these sites. I would provide your name with credit for the photos displayed. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Regards, Wayne

Date:2003-6-21 10:08
Comment:Really enjoyed browsing through your site. Lots of information and an nice desgin. Keep going!

Date:2003-6-12 21:29
Comment:I have always liked pylons or as we say 'hoogspanningsmasten'. I can see one from my window.

Date:2003-5-16 18:51
Place:Maidstone, Kent
Comment:WOW!!! Pylons everywhere!! I have loved pylons ever since I was little, like giants marching over the landscape. I used to have a dream about a bit friendly green pylon that would carry me around!! Love the site, only briefly browsed...I WILL BE BACK !! I will send you some thermal images of High Voltage switchgear....very pretty :)

Date:2003-5-16 10:48
Comment:Have u ever considered that your pylon watching promotion is dangerous?www.nopylons.co.uk carry out research that shows living near pylons increases the risk of leukaemia, miscarriages, and suicide. How can u be so thoughtless?people viewing ur site may feel compelled to live near the wonderul pylons u go on about!

Date:2003-5-13 00:53
Name:Dave Edwards
Place:London SE20
Comment:I came here as a result of your postings on Freelancers.net. This must be the most prolific site belonging to anyone on that list! Most people's (including myself) are little more than brochureware - you've really put everything on the line (er ... I mean web!) I just reading your opinion piece on drugs and just wanted to say that I agree totally - and by the way - I'm 48. I think this where I mumble something about all the great hash in the seventies ... great site! Dave E.

Date:2003-5-7 02:05
Place:Santa Cruz, CA
Comment:Blimey, all i wanted was a piccy of me little sis and ali (check), and with it came a wealth of crap (in a good way) about pylons and aquaria. Fair play to you miss W, and the best of luck with your job searching. Cheers :)

Date:2003-4-28 17:01
Place:liverpool, uk
Comment: surfed in looking for some glastonbury information and ended up looking at just about everything else on the site too!!. what a great site to nativigate around, pleasing to the eye and effective too - when u need a job in a northern internet charity let me know ( see www.interchill.co.uk - where i work as project manager). we doner i will certainly be calling back to the site, great diversity, interesting. see you at glastonbury....

Date:2003-4-27 04:34
Comment: Madness. Need to put something about monkeys in it though. and badgers. very important things. badgers.

Date:2003-4-22 18:54
Comment: So...you bought a strimmer and thought it wasn't working quite right? Imagine a 6'7" Fink with a Petrol Power Pro Turbo council jobbie (designed for a 5'9" weakling fool (oh my spine!!!)) in charge of 500m of Nettle filled sub-woodland! While thanking goodness for the chainmail greaves, throat guard, grill helmet and gauntlets, my sincere regrets go to those (well loved) trousers and trainers that will now *NEVER* be the same again! Gone, but not forgotten! ;)

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