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Date:2002-7-23 03:51
Name:Freaky Metal Kid
Comment: Nice site. Blarg!

Date:2002-6-25 08:34
Comment:hey there. linked over to your page from the boarders site. this is fuckin awesome, great web design and class lyrics. and now i'm off to delve some more..

Date:2002-5-24 13:44
Comment:Hey, you went to Brazz Flash! I was there the week before you, took my family for lunch. What did you think? Wildmushrooms on sour dough toast was superb - as was the non-oak chardonnay. :)

Date:2002-5-24 13:20
Place:The Hague!
Comment: Hey Flash! Got your email weeks ago. Promise to reply soon! Love your site. 8)

Date:2002-5-3 23:49
Place:East london
Comment:Hi, we were at Uni together in 94 at QMW. I finally found out were you went to lol. Looks like your getting on quite well :-)

Date:2002-4-30 22:28
Place:Nowhere, Bavaria
Comment: cool you got them up so fast, you go girlfriend was a great weekend and lovely site, reflects the designer

Date:2002-4-30 02:28
Name:Phillip Dupont
Place:The States
Comment: Where are the free beer coupons?

Date:2002-4-29 15:12
Name:Christian Budde
Place:London, UK
Comment:Clarkson tells you: oh yes, and sign the guestbook damnit ;) *grins* Nice pages. :) Will definitely come back here.

Date:2002-4-29 14:39
Name:Andrew Pietruschka
Comment: Nice site, very artistic. *was forced to sign the guestbook *grins** kidding ;)

Date:2002-4-24 14:08
Name:Nathan Warren
Place:London, UK
Comment:"You go girl!" ;-)

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