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Date:2008-9-17 10:45
Name:Sarah King
Place:Bakewell, Derbyshire
Comment:I happened to find your site headed "City of London Cemetery, Tree Trail and Memorials" as I went onto Google to look at the False Acacia tree. I was only interested in looking for this tree, but could not help look through all the lovely photos and informative descriptions on this site. I also found myself wishing I lived nearer so I could join your group, as I think this cemetery is a wonderful place of constant discovery. Many thanks Sarah

Date:2008-7-9 18:19
Place:Gloucestershire, UK
Comment:I looked at page 15 of your photographs of pylons and saw a very attractive one that I have never seen another like it. It looked sort of squashed with two arms. I admired it for a while as it really caught my attention. Thanks for uploading it!!!

Date:2008-6-23 19:21
Name:David Mounce
Place:Near Southampton, UK
Comment:When I posted a solarised shot of a pylon on my diary from today's rambling, a reader sent me the URL of your site. Interesting and quirky. I like it. Enjoy Glastonbury.

Date:2008-6-22 14:47
Place:Brisbane, Australia
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:In reguard to 'Chainmail' (http://www.gorge.org/jokes/chainmail.shtml) This was hilarious. You make solid points that are all true and if only the morons that send chainmail rubbish on to other people would read this maybe, just maybe some of them would realise that is all a load of BS.

Date:2008-6-20 23:27
Place:Warwick, England
Comment:Fish keeping (we have a newly aquired fish tank!), Writing to people on death row...very thought provoking... grey hounds (we have 2 rescue greyhound x'es), fan of 9 inch nails,and was fellow resident of Wellington Somerset ( parents still there) An inspiration you really are xxx

Date:2008-6-17 16:21
Name:James Allen
Comment:Ive been teaching a structures lesson to 13yr olds and i happen to see you on country file on sunday. I thought 'hello, this could be useful. I can see a homework research project in this'. A bit of interweb surfing later and i have found your website. So thank you Flash for making my life a little bit easier and introducing the wonder of pylons to some 13year olds.

Date:2008-6-15 15:49
Name:morbid morag
Place:Cottingham, UK
Comment:PYLONS! It's not just me, then... They are so beautiful, black latticework against the sky. Lovely pictures here, thanks. I once walked several miles through mud & impassable foliage just to photograph the pylons I always see from the train, so I am a real obsessive. Sites like this keep me out of mischief!

Date:2008-4-14 16:54
Place:Koblenz, Deutschland
Comment:Hi Flash. I love your site - have just spent, well, too long looking around! I've been to Glasto a fair few times, but you've opened my eyes to many new possibilities. Thanks for that, and for all the hard work you've obviously put into this site. Have a great festival this year!! Neil

Date:2008-4-1 21:45
Comment:Hi Flash, glad you enjoyed jean michele I was lucky enough to see him at Birmingham performing oxygene.Noticed you also like the wonderful Andy sheppard, who I have seen a couple of times.I think he is brilliant too. Anyway just dropped in to say hi and to tell you I LOVE the site.. Only a few days till Glasto ticket's are on sale, me and the kids are soooooo excited!!. Keep up the good work, we always come here first for the glasty line up predictions.. Cheers from a family of life long vege's

Date:2008-3-25 20:55
Place:Ostrava, CZ
Comment:Pylons? I don't even want to know.. However, they were really interesting! When I was younger, I used to pretend they were armies of monsters walking in single file. I like the pylon thing. There are 6 billion of us, and we're becoming more alike ever day. We need more oddness. [read: individuality]

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