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Date:2008-3-7 20:14
Place:Bath, UK
Comment:Hey, I have just been reading around your site - I love it! It's really cool to be able to have a little insight into someone's life and interests. I wish there were more sites like this out there. Thanks for giving me an entertaining hour. Abby

Date:2008-1-31 22:37
Name:Charley Haynes
Comment:Hey, i am charley yu dont knw me but i am 14 years old and turning vegetarian. i have just read your article/blog thing and i want to thanK you cus it was a GREAT INTEREST to me. three of my mates have turned and i watchd a jamie oliver programme and thought it was so cruel what they put these poor innocent animals through...could you email me bk with any websites you know on what vegetarians can and cant eat...cus i want to go all the way and this was the only useful site i can find..if you can that would be a great help but if you cant dont worry abbout iit.... Many ThankS... Charley Haynes X

Date:2008-1-4 10:58
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:Thanks for the info on Deed Polls. It was really very useful and I've very gladly bought you a bottle of wine. I'd rather do that than pay through my nose for it somewhere else. Have a wonderful New year. Iro 04/01/08

Date:2007-12-28 20:08
Name:Giles N
Comment:Hi Flash, Your photos of geek meets reminds me of the time a 'mate' bet me that I wouldn't gate crash a Carol Vorderman fan club meeting. Things turned really bad when one of the two geeks discovered me using a calculater cunningly disguised as a wrist watch! The only way I could stop them screaming at me was to threaten to disembowel one of them with the broken end of a slide rule. By the way boys your sandwiches tasted horrible. Bryan you still owe me twenty quid!

Date:2007-10-11 22:22
Place:Epsom (England)
Comment:LOVED your advice about rehoming racing dogs. Bringing home our Greyhound at the end of Nov and thrilled to find sensible, weighty advice on introducing her to the outside world. sterling work - I've gobbled it up & would love to see more... xxx Toni

Date:2007-8-8 16:28
Name:Jeffrey St. Clair
Place:Los Angeles
Comment:Loved the site overall, actually. I'm a fellow fan of ichthyology. :)

Date:2007-7-25 04:21
Place:Bradford, UK
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:What section are you reading?..the whole site Just had to say fantastic site and your name change page very handy as later on today i was going to see about doing it and was already begruding spending my tiny income on it (out of work due to illness) (2nd website/webshite will go on about it at some point) Also fantastic idea about the Photography Fees . one thing i never thought about page saying OI U OWE ME!! i tend to just get mine stolen lol i tried to post this in the guest book but either diazpam is working too well tonight or net playing up . i was getting 404 errors intermintanly so i hope it is showing but once again a fantastic site :) Kind regards Dick

Date:2007-5-17 20:55
Comment:Your website is lovely! Maybe I will spot you on a viewing platform at the festival and come over and say hi! One thing though - stumbed across your review of Robbie Williams?? Whats that all about?? Must be a childhood Take That oriented thang eh? xxx

Date:2007-5-7 11:18
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:i actually ran across this page by accident but it inspired me to pop the keys from my keyboard and give it a good cleaning. thanks!

Date:2007-3-2 00:43
Name:stephen smith
Place:s wales
Comment:roll on glasto.... cant wait hope all these rumours are true and lets hope theres alot more top line names to add..........

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