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Date:2006-4-30 18:58
Name:Barry From the Loughton
Comment:Hi I love the web site very interesting and creative love the picks of the fish. And I never new all that stuff about Loughton train station and I have lived here all my life. How did you get on with deal or no deal? I am so addicted to the programme. I have Booked marked your page and look forward for more fish updates. 5 stars

Date:2006-4-5 08:23
Name:David Hollas
Place:Nacogdoches, Texas, USA
Comment:Hi Flash, Your site is an unanchored buoy upon the breaking waves of the internet. I hit it with my johnboat. I thought about buying you a beer, but since I'm just a poor college student who also needs beer charity, I had to digress. Dave P.S. I especially loved the way you insert archane pics, like the ice cube tray/parking garage. Genius abounds in simplicity.

Date:2006-3-31 04:19
Name:Rashmi Rajendra
Place:Austin, Texas
Comment:Hey Flash. Your tips on bandaging paws helped tide over one night till I got him to a vet, the next day. Zepp, one of my greys keeps getting hurt in our backyard. I was close to tears with this wound of his. Thanks again! I will keep a look out for your web-site - its very well done.

Date:2006-3-18 16:42
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:I have never been moved more from one website as i have from this one. You never know really how bad it is until you learn

Date:2006-3-8 16:34
Place:blackburn lancs
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:Hey flash well was that you, dealing no deals??? lol well done if it was, I wasnt the only one to think so by the looks of it! FLASH, ah ha :)

Date:2006-3-1 15:35
Name:Martin Harris
Place:High Wycombe
Comment:Hey Flash, Did i see you dealing or not dealing? Thought so. You were completley right about The Levellers being the highlight of Glasto. I did enjoy whitestripes but you can keep coldplay tied up one of you pylons. If you are looking for something this summer then you should checkout 'Endorset in Dorset'. Its a brill festival. Goto www.lgofestivals.com Cheers Flash, great site.

Date:2006-2-16 13:32
Comment:Hi Flash! *waves* I was pointed this way by our mutual friend Paul (The Civster! ;) ) Very impressive I have to say! Cray is gorgeous! I have a greyhound myself, Kelly (also a gorgeous blue!) who is currently in the middle of her racing career & after looking at Cray’s details I discovered he is actually her Uncle! Can’t wait to have her home although she love’s her current life & is so happy bless her! Take Care! N xx

Date:2006-1-26 17:18
Name:jake, Dong-Yeob LEE
Place:south Korea
Comment:hi my name is Jake.I'm Korean. That is my English nick why i have that? because I studied in Sydney for years. Anyway I am so glad to find out your web home. currently I've set up 60Cm tropical fish tank. so I've been looking for good information to take care of my fish.^^ I am actually surprised about your wide info and thank you. I think I can get so many useful knowlege in here. If I got a question, can I ask you? If you don't mind.^^ Thank you once again. Jake.

Date:2006-1-21 05:35
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:I am a new canasta player. Your tips are so helpful. Thanks very much!

Date:2006-1-9 02:34
Place:Richmond Hill
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:OMG Thank you so much for the Green wall help on level 12 for Motas! I was like "Ah, it's impossible..." but now I finally finished it! Thank you so much!!

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