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Date:2005-12-13 23:28
Name:Jason Smith
Place:Tulsa, OK
Viewing:Nine Inch Nails
Comment:Great pictures. Remind me of the show in Phoenix where I saw them up close for the With Teeth tour.

Date:2005-11-25 16:49
Viewing:Something not listed
Comment:Fantastic website.. you should be congradulated for your efforts... Keep up the good work!

Date:2005-11-24 12:35
Name:Tienie de Coning
Place:Jeffreys Bay (South Africa)
Comment:What a helpful site! I have learned such a lot from your site, thank you for all the effort that you have put into it.

Date:2005-11-23 20:37
Comment:Really liked the glasto photo's, nice site, i will be back (said in arnie style) :)

Date:2005-11-22 12:34
Comment:Does anyone know of a website with Pylons GEO/Coordinations please?

Date:2005-11-18 09:29
Comment:Awesome collection of photos! There are plenty of pylons here in Perth, Australia, especially in the suburb where I used to live... if I get around to photographing them I'll definitely pass them along. Good work, I enjoyed browsing the photos.

Date:2005-11-16 01:31
Name:Rev. Peter F.
Place:Colorado USA
Comment:This summer we vacationed in Florida and visited Walt Disney World in Orlando. One day we took a day trip to Tampa to swim. On the interstate we spotted a pylon with Mickey Mouse Ears! I regret that I did not get a photo. Is anyone in that area?

Date:2005-11-14 17:25
Name:Kevin Eaton
Comment:"Is Kevin Eaton that did the web design, the same Kevin Eaton that was at QMW in 1994 onward? Used to live in Reading, had his hair fall out allegedly from malaria pills? If so please get in touch... Flash is missing you!" fortunately not by the sounds of it

Date:2005-11-8 17:52
Name:Jim Hardie
Place:Lowestoft, Suffolk
Comment:I spent many years erecting and wiring electricity pylons in the 1960s,working for Balfours, Watshams, Mitchells and BICC, it was a great life and the crack was always good, I do have a few photographs of myself and two of my buddies Paddy Hennessey and Davy Brown and if you would like to add them to your website just e.mail me, if anyone is viewing this site and you have any questions regarding how we erected them and also what the working environment was like please get in touch as at 64 I am only to pleased to help. A brilliant site. Jim Hardie.

Date:2005-11-4 18:42
Name:james patrick rehill
Place:sw scotland
Comment: its great that there is a world out there where its not just me thats into pylons!a childhood dream fulfilled!keep up the good work!

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