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Date:2005-11-3 01:33
Comment:Really nice website! I especially appreciate the Freebies section :)

Date:2005-11-2 12:47
Name:Polish Pottery
Comment: What an awesome website, so user friendly, I have passed it on many times!! LOVE IT!!!!

Date:2005-10-24 00:28
Place:Memphis, TN - Home of Rock'n'Roll
Comment:Hello folks, This website is pretty cool and I like the design. It is a good use of color. My favourite funstuff were the chain letters. Aren't they annoying, "send this to a hundred friends in the next ten minutes or ..." Too funny, but I rather read them on your site than having them in my mailbox. Keep up the good work and enjoy your day, Thomas PS - Photos of Nutbush Tennessee, Tina Turner's childhood home, on my homepage. Have a look!

Date:2005-10-21 22:33
Name:Austin Smith
Place:Provo, UT
Comment: Great site! I'm just impressed by the incredible diversity of topics.

Date:2005-10-19 05:45
Comment:Hello! It was good going through your site. I dropped in to your site rather accidentally, but I liked it. Lifeís like that, isnít it! There is such a range of topics - dogs, fishes, London...interesting blog, keepup the interesting work... Cheers, and all the best! N S

Date:2005-10-16 03:03
Comment:Amazing. This is exactly the web site I need. 1) I'm mad about pylons, 2) Keen on greyhounds: my parents rescued one, 3) An excellent aquarium section, 4) Vegetarian recipes look fab, 5) There are even old trains, and bits of London I have not seen for years. That's five good reasons, and I have not even looked at the rest properly! I'll try to take some photos of Belgian pylons for you. all the best. J

Date:2005-10-12 16:46
Comment:Hello. I am glastonbury fan, and moved hear to be close to what i call my spiritual home. I work during the fest for network recycling, which is cool. I have been going for about 6 festivals, and have now reached the inner circle as I have managed to go to the pilton party this year. I am amazed I have never seen you at the fest, and I even looked out for you this year. I suppose there were about another 150,000 people for you to get lost in. However if you want to narrow it down, you can get rid of 75,000 blokes, leaving 75,000. take away about 30,000 who were over 30 and your left with, about 45,000. I think from your site, that you use a chair, hang around with some fucking weird people, I should have been bumping into you at every corner. Since reading about your fascination with pylons, I cant look at one in the same way I did! I have even taken quite a moody photo of the one nearest the Pyramid in the half light, when the fest was not on, sad. You may be interested to know that recently the Pyramid stage has been completely dismantled. Not a sausage exhists at the current moment. That is very sad. I hope you are having a party to celebrate the 12 hour party aniversry. I like the corset best. Now I am being sad

Date:2005-10-11 19:39
Name:Sam Purchon
Place:Florida, USA
Comment: I found my way to your page through one, of various, searches I have done, as of late, looking for information and details about Death Row inmates. Iím in the thick of writing a novel (first), which, to a certain extent, will involve a fictional character on Floridaís death row (our state, and our lovely governor Ė Bushís little brother- is one of the champions of this brutal method). Anyway, I found it very useful to my purpose, and informative in general. Iíll have to stop back some time and check out the rest. In case your curious about me, well, I started out life in the UK (still the only Passport I hold), but Iíve been in FL for over a decade. I married a born-and- raised last year and we're expecting a little one next spring, so I guess you could say Iím in deep here now. Drop me a line if you ever need any details on Miami, or FL, THX for your page and your story -Sam.

Date:2005-10-5 01:10
Name:Will Johnson
Comment: I just found out about you. I am a long time admirer of pylons and girded structures. Thanks.

Date:2005-10-3 05:21

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