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Sunday 29 October
Hveragerdi - Keflavik
Steam near Hveragerdi
Steam near Hveragerdi. [Photos below the journal. Take me straight to the photos!]

I woke at 845am, having promised Mike we would leave at 9am sharp. Unfortunately my knee decided, having been well behaved all holiday, that it was now going to cause agony. As a result I was grumpy and up a little late.

We drove up towards Reykjavik, then at the outskirts turned towards Keflavik. It was an easy run and took a bit over an hour. However, the last petrol station before the airport turned out to be broken, so we had to leave the car half full and pay their refueling charge. Never mind.

I'd phoned BA on Friday night, and we had fortunately been assigned the same seats as last time - I knew I could cope with them, even though they were far from ideal. Before we knew it I was dosing up on painkillers, and back on a plane... leaving Iceland and our wonderful honeymoon behind. But I still have the photos!

Now all that remains is for Mike and I to get used to the words "husband" and "wife" and to enjoy the rest of our lives together!

The full set of today's photos are here.

Leaving Hveragerdi

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A daylight view of what we'd seen at night.

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All about Faxi, our room's namesake.

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Give me steam!

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Final view of lava plains and icy mountains.

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View of Reykjavik, you can just see the concrete church to the left of the central streetlight.

Farewell, Iceland!

That's all! Begin again?

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