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Accelerator - Future Sound of London (2001)

Electronic dance

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Best tracks?

Central Industrial

Buy it at Amazon!
Buy it at Amazon!

Why did I buy it?

I loved a previous track of theirs and borrowed this album on that basis.


It's unusual for me to listen to an album with no lyrics, but not unheard of, and although I dont go clubbing anymore I sometimes reminisce, so I had hoped for great things from this album, particularly after loving Dead Skin Cells from the Lifeforms album.

The whole album is just a shallow beat behind a continuous dance track, one after another. One track, Central Industrial, stood out for Jean-Michel Jarre style touches, however there was nothing to make this album rewarding - the sound was not even rich enough to provide me with satisfying background noise, so I can imagine it is only useful at a certain type of party, under the influence of drugs, or one track at a time in a club.

I am quite prepared to accept that it is a good example of its type; unfortunately the fact that it is not my favourite genre, and all the tracks were so similar and offered little mental stimulation means that I just wouldn't touch it again.

Would I buy it again?


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