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Aqualung - Aqualung (2002)

Melodic, pop/rock

Most similar to:

Coldplay, Radiohead

Best tracks?

Strange & Beautiful

Buy it at Amazon!
Buy it at Amazon!

Why did I buy it?

Loved "Strange & Beautiful"; on a quick listen they sounded like Coldplay.


You will probably have heard Aqualung's strongest track, "Strange & Beautiful", on the VW Beetle adverts. You may even have thought it was Coldplay. On discovery that there is another band that can feed piano and melody driven angst, I had to hear this album.

Certainly, this sounds a lot like other bands, particularly Radiohead, which means that while popular, it doesn't have a strong identity - not good for a debut album.

The sound is piano-driven, with close harmonies and vocals reminiscent of Thom Yorke, but the lyrics are quite weak, such as "So tired/ We are/ Drifting/ Too far", reminding me of my own teenage poetry! "Just for a Moment" is a beautiful slow love song, but it continues too far and becomes dull. "Strange & Beautiful" is a delightful, melancholy track, but none of the others are in the same league.

It's all pleasant, but not edgy enough, and with the tempo occasionally slipping to an almost jazzlike pace, it could do with something more. This is a competent album which will please fans of Coldplay and Radiohead, but it lacks the depth which I was seeking. Keep it for a mellower moment.

Would I buy it again?

Probably, but it's not essential.

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