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The Hour of Bewilderbeast - Badly Drawn Boy (2000)

Folksie guitar

Most similar to:

Ian Brown (sort of. It's unique!)

Best tracks?

Pissing in the Wind, Once Around the Block

Buy it at Amazon!
Buy it at Amazon!

Why did I buy it?

It won the Mercury Music Prize, and I was curious.


At first glance, Damon Gough (aka Badly Drawn Boy) resembles a one man band - an eccentric with a crochet hat, harmonica and guitar. However his music is unique to the extent that Dylan and Bowie were, in their day.

This is a gentle collection of feelgood songs, sometimes in an old fashioned style, "This Song" having a vibe of Simon and Garfunkel, and a retro disco feel on "Disillusion". It is over an hour long, and although initially confusing, has an alluring naivety to the music.

The tracks have a largely musical bias, and when the lyrics do jump in they are surreal, like "I will never grow older because I drink from waterfalls" and "all we have is an old ball of string, will it reach to the end of this dark labyrinth?" The album proves Gough's versatility, but has no apparent purpose, or focus, in the manner of early Pink Floyd albums which wandered along to see what happened without trying to be any one thing.

Coming back to this album now, after the initial immersion in it while it was new, I am not sure when I would play it or long to hear a particular track. However, it is a pleasant addition to your collection for esoteric moments in your life - maybe this will eventually hit the spot.

Would I buy it again?


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