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Holes in the Wall - Electric Soft Parade (2002)

British guitar pop

Most similar to:

Radiohead, Coldplay, Starsailor, Oasis

Best tracks?

Silent to the Dark, Holes in the Walls

Buy it at Amazon!
Buy it at Amazon!

Why did I buy it?

Enjoyed their set at Glastonbury 2002 and needed something new to listen to. Also came with a bonus live CD.


Firstly, if you love British guitar pop, you'll love this. It's got the singalong factor for playing in the car, you can awkwardly sway to it at gigs - just go out and buy it.

If you need a bit more convincing, here it comes. The songs are full of influences - Red Balloon for Me sounds like Oasis, there are moments of Bluetones-y (and even Supertramp style) optimism, driving guitars reminscent of early Garbage, and Radiohead-like roboticism and occasionaly melancholy. Yet it doesn't seek to copy, and makes its own sound - pacy and tight.

Every song is slightly different, and yet the album works well as a unit and provides a versatile 55 minutes of sound equally suitable for playing at a party or for turning up loud and shutting out the world.

The amazing thing about this album is that it is created by two teenage boys. It's surprisingly mature for a debut, and this band can only rise in esteem.

Would I buy it again?


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