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Hybrid Theory - Linkin' Park (2001)


Most similar to:

Rage Against the Machine, Feeder, Eminem

Best tracks?

With You, Pushing Me Away

Buy it at Amazon!
Buy it at Amazon!

Why did I buy it?

Heard bits of it on TV and at Virgin cafe, and liked it.


Linkin' Park manage to produce something genuinely different with their sound - a mesh of heavy guitar, with alternating rap and melody over the top. Sounding at a pinch like Rage Against the Machine, this is forceful music, and yet accessible. The most distinctive influences can be heard on "Pushing me away" which resembles the Megadeth of "So far, so good, so what?", and "In the end" which mirrors Eminem, but comparisons are unfair when this band have created a unique space for themselves.

More impressively, their aggression is conveyed without the need for swearing (language can be abusive without profanity!) and although not profound, lyrics like "This is the last smile that I'll fake for the sake of being with you" go a little deeper than the usual heavy metal boy bands and give the album more lasting appeal.

Overall, while not one of the most outstanding albums around, it is a reliable and enjoyable choice, which withstands multiple plays.

Would I buy it again?


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