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Paper Monsters - Dave Gahan (2003)


Most similar to:

Depeche Mode

Best tracks?

Bottle Living, Hidden Houses, Dirty Sticky Floors

Buy it at Amazon!
Buy it at Amazon!

Why did I buy it?

He was great at Glastonbury Festival!


This album varies between mellow, and Depeche Mode style rock. It kicks off with the upbeat "Dirty Sticky Floors" and ends with the hypnotic "Goodbye" - to this end it's a varied album with some songs gentler than you might expect.

The mellow tracks are a surprise; in "Bitter Apple" Dave's voice is reminiscent of the old-time singers such as Sinatra, and the slowpaced lyrics such as "Two strangers standing in the rain/ We smoked our cigarettes/ Exchanging our regrets" add to this feeling.

The harder tracks are my favourite, "Bottle Living" can't be beaten for thumping, Depeche-style rock, but the slower songs don't feel like filler and add to the mood of the album.

In total, it's 48 minutes of good music, which doesn't grab you as much as Depeche Mode's Ultra, but which holds up well and would do nicely in the car. The only complaint is that the inlay is full of photos of Dave - no lyrics (although the small print mentions that they are on his website). A solid album, worth the money.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, but it's not as essential as Depeche Mode's Ultra.

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