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Making coconut caves
  1. Drill holes and drain milk as if you were going to eat it
  2. Try to break it in half. In the end the Bloke used a junior hacksaw to halve it
  3. Spend ages trying to get the meat out with a knife/screwdriver/anything, try microwaving a bit in case it makes the meat come away, anything.
  4. Get Bloke to remove meat for me by slipping something like a pallet knife between the meat and the shell
  5. Try some. Express surprise at taste. (Not sure I like coconut!)
  6. Wash shells out
  7. Cut "doors" in each half with junior hacksaw. On the pointy end I did this by sawing the point off, leaving a door. On the holey end I took the blade off the hacksaw and inserted it through one hole, then reattached it, and cut between the three holes to make a triangular hole. A V notch in side might be easier!
  8. Boil in large saucepan full of water for 10 minutes. Water turns very brown, saucepan still has a few brown marks where the nonstick coating had already gone, so don't use best pan!
  9. Remove coconuts (which remain very hot to touch for some time... careful!) and leave to cool.
  10. Put into fishtank and bury into gravel so they are whereever you like!

One half was put upright against the back of the tank, and my (new) clown loaches hide in there. Another was put right on top of the gravel and the (also new) Kribs made for that one! Both the loaches and my pleco like chewing on the fibrous bits on the outside. I guess you could pull it off, but I'd already read that plecos quite like eating it, so I left it on.

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