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Building an Aquarium Stand
Update: To see the finished cabinet that I made, please follow this link. I have included step by step instructions and photos.

I am going to have to build an aquarium stand! This is a daunting task since my DIY skills aren't that great and it's a while since I got my GCSE in Craft Design and Technology. Not to worry!

I have two possible designs and have not yet decided which to choose. Comments on design and structure are welcome, here. The stand must support a tank 48" x 18" x 18", containing 55 gallons of water - more than the weight of me, my boyfriend and my cat together. It will be in front of a (switched off) radiator, so unable to brace against the wall. I would like it to be approximately 30" from the ground.

Apologies for the scrappy drawings...

Design 1 - Timber Box
Based on various designs found online

Box made from lengths of 2x2 sawn pine (untreated as the whole box will be painted after completion).

Measurements should read 49" x 19" x 30".
Showing joint. Top and bottom frames will be assembled with half lap joints in the corners (glued and screwed through) and the legs attached by butt joints, again glued and screwed.
Showing ways to strengthen frame - either by adding triangular wedges which are nailed through, or metal brackets which are screwed in.

Material needed:
  • 49" 2x2 pine (x4)
  • 19" 2x2 pine (x6)
  • 26" 2x2 pine (x6)
  • 49" x 19" MDF board (x1)

    Design 2 - Board Cabinet
    Based on Rick Clarke's 42gal cabinet

    Cabinet made of MDF or Contiboard, similar to commercial flat pack cabinets. The boards are joined together by countersunk screws.

    The cabinet will be painted if plain MDF is used.
    Design is a flat piece top and bottom, with four pieces on their side.

    I will also add a board across the back (not shown) to brace the structure.
    Doors are added simply with hinges and handles screwed in.

    Material needed:
  • 49" x 19" MDF board (x2)
  • 29" x 19" MDF board (x4)
  • 49" x 29" MDF board (x1)
  • 29" x 17" MDF board (x2)
  • 4 small hinges
  • 2 small handles

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