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Glastonbury 2010 - 23-27 June

Glastonbury 2010 gates have already opened!

This is not an official site, but a fan site run by an experienced Glasto goer and for many years a moderator on VF Glastonbury Festival Messageboards. If you need help from organisers, please visit Glastonbury Official Site, or for advice from peers please try the VF Glastonbury Festival Messageboards.

2010 info coming just in time for the new year - this site revamped. For now 2009 information is below. Come back before Jan 1st for Glasto 2010!

This site brings details of who is playing Glastonbury Festival ahead of the line-up being officially confirmed. I get this by monitoring artists' websites, and from tip-offs from artists or their contacts. Once the line-up is confirmed, I'll bring weather forecasts and advice, and after the festival there will be readers' reviews and photos. I also have a mailing list which brings regular lineup updates and info in the run up to the festival - you can sign up below.

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General Info
Tickets are now sold out.

There is more information about 2009 ticket procedure on Glastonbury's Official Site.

This site no longer hosts Tort's Glastonbury FAQ but I can recommend it if you are new to Glastonbury - click here to read it.

Are You Ready For The Line Up?
In 2005 and 2007, this site brought you 90% of ALL the acts on the Pyramid (even the little ones!), and loads of the headliners on every stage!

Click here for the lineup rumours and confirmations page...

Mailing List
There is a mailing list which brings a regular newsletter in the run up to the festival. You can sign up below, or follow this link for more information.
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If you would like to send a comment or let me know who else might be playing, please click here and fill in the form. It isn't possible to reply to every comment, but they are all read and gratefully received!

All information is published in good faith - I cannot be responsible for errors or omissions.

This site is not associated with Glastonbury Festival in any way.
For information about the Festival please see the Official Site.

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