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There is loads of information and advice online (and in print). Here are a few of the links I found most useful from deciding to adopt a greyhound through to the first few weeks after bringing him home.

  • The Greyhound Gang Guide
    Very useful guide, although aimed at a USA adoption group so remember your dog may be used to larger kennels than the crates they describe. Great advice and small enough to be able to print and read easily.

  • GEM's Greyhound Guide
    More detailed information on what to expect and how to prepare, also has a good reading list.

  • Whittingham Kennels, formerly known as Walthamstow Homefinding Scheme
    The retirement kennels I used - their website has a few pages on care including tips and tricks. Useful for UK adopters.

  • GPAC Adoption Handbook
    Another guide by a kennels, this time one in Canada.

  • Book: Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies
    The only book I bought, this is a good all-round guide including a guide to his body - useful for those who haven't had dogs - and basic medical advice. The best thing it told me was to teach the "off" command first!

  • Greyhound Racing Board: The Greyhound
    This section of their website tells you about their life from birth to retirement. Whether you approve of greyhound racing or not, it is useful to understand a little more of their background and experiences.

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