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Greyhounds are usually not exposed to children before rehoming but do seem to have a predisposition to be gentle with them.

At the end of our road there is a primary school on one side and a nursery on the other. We have to walk that way to get to the green space. The first time we went past, it was breaktime. Cray was rather scared by the sounds of children screaming in the playground and turned tail to come home!

After he settled in, Cray became used to the sound of children playing. Now when we go past the children come running to put their hands through the fence to touch him. It always amuses me how they are the ones behind bars and my dog is on the other side - the opposite to a zoo!

He is very gentle with kids, stopping and waiting while they pat and stroke him. Many of the children are just as tall as him, so they look him in the eyes. He is always patient with them, and never bodges them in the way he does with adults (greyhounds tend to lean on you or to nuzzle you).

Because he is so tall, some children are scared; I always keep him on the left and walk so that he is along the edge of the pavement, and children can pass on the other side of me. If necessary I stop so they can go past. However children that are merely shy usually come out of their shell and say hello to him!

I am always very careful to check with the parents before their child says hi or I bring the dog closer to them, if they have a parent with them.

However, although he seems to love the attention and to behave very well with children, he's not seen one in the house (i.e. when off the lead). As with any pet, be careful and supervise every meeting initially. Don't let the child badger or hurt the dog - and let sleeping dogs lie - and he should be gentle in return.

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