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Costs of adopting and owning a greyhound
These are the costs which I have incurred within the first few months of owning a greyhound and I imagine are fairly typical. After the first month, the ongoing costs such as food and treats are very low.

Before adoption
Food and water bowls£5
Sack of food£12 (specific greyhound meal)
Sisal grooming glove£6

At adoption or in the first month
Adoption fee£0 (donation requested)
Indoor collar£5
ID tag£5
Leather collar and lead£12.50
Plastic muzzle£5
Car front seat dog guard£15
DAP (calming pheromones)£20
Carpet spray (after pee)£5
Spaying a bitch may cost more and require an overnight stay as opposed to castrating a dog which is a simple same-day procedure. Neutering is usually required as a term of your adoption contract if it has not already been done. If the dog is already neutered, you are likely to be charged an adoption fee to cover the costs.

Although I thought the DAP pheromones would help, they didn't. They are great for my parents' lab, but I noticed no effect on my hound.

Ongoing ownership
Sack of food (lasts 4 weeks)£5 (Gusto, from Tesco)
Squeaky toy (lasts 2 weeks)£2.50
Small bin bags for litter (last 4 weeks)£1
Chew treats (lasts 4 weeks)£4
Insurance (per month)£8
Holiday kennels (one week)£30+
Vet visits£27.50 plus medicines
Annual booster jabs£38
I do not believe that annual innoculations are necessary, as defended by this BBC news story. However your adoption contract may require you to have them, and any kennels or foreign travel will require you to show evidence that the boosters are up-to-date.

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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