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Holiday Kennels
At some point you are likely to be away from home overnight, and need a kennel for your dog.

Check with your rehoming centre - mine provides a "holiday dogs" service at a very affordable rate. The dog goes back into the routine of being walked and having runs in the paddock, so it is familiar to him. Of course, you still need to book!

If your rehoming centre don't offer this and cannot recommend a kennels, you will need to find one yourself. Recommendations from other dog owners are great, and remember to shop around as there can be a great variation in the price.

Alternatives to kennels include people who will have your dog(s) in their house while you are away - this is organised nationally by Barking Mad, or to find a petsitting scheme in your area where someone comes to look after your pets and house while you are away. If you can't find anything suitable yourself, ask your vet if they can recommend anyone.

If your dog has any sensitivities be sure to find a kennels which can accommodate them. You should make sure your dog is kept and exercised on his own unless you know he will not fight with other dogs.

You will need to demonstrate that your dog's innoculations are up to date, and usually provide additional evidence of vaccination against kennel cough. If your dog is coughing when it arrives, the kennels may not accept him.

When your dog returns home, check him all over very carefully. Greyhounds have soft skin and are easily injured, so be sure he has no skin infections or damage. On return from the kennels after a week away, we discovered a large red weal on our dog's neck. He should have been kept separate from other dogs, but my vet thought it was a bite. On discussion with the kennels, we think it was from damage to the wire fence - a sticking out bit could have cut him.

I have noticed that since return from kennels my dog has been a lot more manageable - happier to spend time on his own and less neurotic, but also very pleased to be home!

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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