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Mishap #1
From my journal on May 12th - 9 days after adoption

Today was a big day. I left after having walked the dog and muzzled him and popped him back inside as usual. I returned at lunch (after leaving him 3 hours, which he has done a couple of times already) to find the stair gate subtly moved. I went upstairs and the bins were over and the catfood messed and eaten, he had defiinitely been up here. I panicked (remember greyhounds are not only trained to chase small furry things but are lean enough for small spaces and at 40mph can catch even a quick cat...) and I went from room to room, trying not to shake or to cry but to say "come here Jeremy" and just hoping that the fact there was no blood, no fur, was a good sign. Trying not to let myself think "at least it would have been quick" and instead to think "it's not the dog's fault. We talk in foreign to him in a place he has never seen (a house) in a routine he has never kept... he didnt mean to hurt the cat...."

After checking every room upstairs many times and stripping them down so thoroughly that it took me many hours this afternoon to tidy up - I found the cat unharmed behind the futon that the dog sleeps on downstairs!

After calming down (after all the cat was calm so why wasn't I?!) I think the dog got upstairs and had a great time going through the bins (he doesn't downstairs as I quickly told him not to!) and the cat saw him and went "I'm not staying here then!" and went down to hide in a quiet place. After all, they couldn't have passed on the stairs... there would have been war!

So the cat is fine. And I really don't think he was chased - our curtains are torn so maybe he was startled, cos cats go up when afraid - because he wanted to leave our room as soon as I contained him safely within it, with his litter food and toys! He wasn't afraid and hadn't been terrified.

But thank goodness Cray had his muzzle on (as ever) just in case.

And my temping job kindly called and even though they are a few people short today they called just after I had left to go back after lunch, to say "stay with your dog and sort it out." It was very much appreciated...

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