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Mishap #2
From my journal entry on May 22nd, three weeks after adoption.

The dog found my stash yesterday. I came home at lunchtime to find my kilo all spread out over the floor. Individually wrapped chocolate covered coffee beans, all over the place!

The first inkling I had was when I noticed a small wrapper at my feet when I entered. I promptly went into my room and found the mess, and another empty wrapper. No others appeared to have been touched (he had his muzzle on so would find it hard to eat them) and as he seemed fine and had only eaten two, I gave him lunch and exercise and popped back to work having hidden the remainder of the beans rather well.

Come evening he seemed fine again, but it appeared to affect his digestive system (you know what I mean!) and I was rather shocked to see what he produced contained more wrappers... but by evening all seemed normal again. So no bother.

This morning he stood up and vomited a little pile of wrappers. So I now reckon he had 15-20 choccie beans (that's too many for me, in a day, and he's only five stone!)

I called the vet, but the vet is happy as long as Cray seems ok in himself and his heart isn't racing. He's seemed fine throughout, so I guess there is no need to panic.

I read that "as little as a pound of chocolate can be fatal" but there is no way he had that much... 450g of chocolate, when each bean is 2-3g. But I was a little worried about the caffeine as well. Still, no ill effects (apart from the indignity of vomiting wrappers!) And he slept very well last night, I had to persuade him to get up at 7am and use the bathroom. Perhaps he is on a come-down...

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