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Questions to ask
For the rehoming centre

  • When are the dog's vaccinations due?
  • Why did the dog retire - are there any injuries?
  • What was the dog's racing name? (if you want to know his history)
  • Does the dog answer to any particular name?
  • Has the dog been tested with any kinds of animal?
  • How does the dog behave with other dogs?
  • How does the dog behave with small children?
  • Is the dog boistrous or could a child walk him?

For yourself

  • Is everyone in your household committed to having a dog?
  • Do you mind not having a lie in for a few months while he gets settled?
  • Who will take the dog out if you are ill in bed?
  • Can you make the commitment for the next 8 years or so?
  • Do you mind making adjustments e.g. to the garden?
  • Will you be cross if items in your home get broken or damaged?

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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