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Where to find a greyhound
There are various greyhound retirement and rescue centres across the UK, which are listed here. Greyhounds are often available from general dog rescue centres (like Battersea) as well.

If you are specifically looking for an ex-racer, the best place to go is your local Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) centre - these are set up to rehome dogs from local tracks when they finish racing. If you call the RGT on 0870 4440673 they will give you details of your nearest branch. However, my nearest greyhound rehoming centre was the Whittingham Kennels, formerly known as Walthamstow Homefinding Scheme, which I had seen advertising in the local newspaper.

In general, rescue and rehoming centres behave in the same way:
  • they will expect to visit your home to check it is safe for a greyhound
  • they will expect you to bring any resident dogs or cats to the kennel to meet your prospective dog
  • they will often want to meet the whole family - children as well
  • they will either have neutered the dog (in which case a larger adoption fee is charged) or they will require you to do so soon after adoption
I would suggest you find your nearest centre, ring them for details of their open days and directions, then attend on open day. (Staff are often very busy, so don't turn up outside advertised opening times unless you have specifically made an appointment.) Look at the dogs, but also let the staff know your requirements so they can direct you towards appropriate dogs, or away from unsuitable ones.

If you find a dog you like, take it for a walk and see how you get on - then you will make arrangements for the homecheck, and to return to the kennels with any other pets or family members you have, to see how they get along with the dog.

If all goes well, you can reserve the dog and a date is set for adoption! Between now and then, many kennels will let you arrange times to come and walk the dog, so you can begin to get familiar with each other.

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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