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Why choose a greyhound?
Here are my reasons for choosing a greyhound above other breeds:

  • They don't shed much - so you aren't covered in hair
  • They don't trigger allergies as much as cats and other dogs
  • They will become your shadow - watching and following you
  • They don't bark as much as many other dogs
  • They don't have any genetic health problems
  • They only need one 20 minute walk per day (but love more!)
  • They don't smell much when wet - no "damp dog" odour
  • They are beautiful and graceful animals
  • They are clean, licking themselves like a cat
  • They come in whatever colour you like - red, blue (grey), fawn, brindle, fallow, black or any of these with white
  • They are gentle, quiet and affectionate
  • They retire with around eight years of their life ahead of them and desparately need a loving home

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