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Images from August 2008 onwards are taken with a Canon 450D. Prior to that, a Fuji S7000 was used (from June 2005) with a Fuji MX1200 or Canon Ixus 65 at gigs or where a larger camera's not acceptable. Prior to 2001, the photos were from disposable cameras with the prints scanned in.

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Gigs & Festivals
Beer & Social Events
Friends & Family
Miscellaneous & Art
Cars & trains
Flash, Mike, Cray & Jez

Gigs & Festivals
Whirl-y-gig (1999) Gigs (NIN, Cure) Festivals (Glasto 95, Reading 98/99, BDO 99)
Glastonbury 2000 Reading Festival 2001 Jubilee 2002 - BBC Music Live and Demon BBQ
Glastonbury 2002 Glastonbury 2003 Reading Festival 2003
Trafalgar Square Live 2003 Finsbury Park 2003 - Limp Bizkit and 5 support acts Howard Jones 20th Anniversary Gig (2003)
Glastonbury 2004 Pilton Party 2004 Nine Inch Nails - 30/3/2005
Nine Inch Nails - 31/3/2005 Glastonbury 2005 Nine Inch Nails - 4/7/2005
Roger Waters - Hyde Park Calling 1/7/06 The Who - Hyde Park Calling 2/7/06 WOMAD Festival - July 2006
Robbie Williams - Milton Keynes 19/9/06 Jean Michel Jarre - London 30/3/08 Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction - 15/7/09

Cars & trains
Barcelona GP 2001 Goodwood Festival of Speed 2001 Motorshow 2002
Motor Expo 2003 F1 Parade in London (2004) Ongar disused railway station (2003)
Steam trains at Colne Valley Railway (2003) Loughton station and disused signal cabin(2004)

Beer and social events
Goth day at London Zoo 1999 CAMRA beerfest 2000 Leaving Demon party 23/3/01
Geek meet in Dublin 24/11/01 Birthday Party 1/12/01 MUD meet and Phil's birthday 27/4/02
Ben leaves London 15/5/02 Geek meet in Bath 18/5/02 Housewarming and Mike's birthday 12/10/02
FreeBSD and Apache meet, Cambridge 1/3/03 James Tait's wedding reception 7/2/03 UK Bodyart Munch in Oxford 29/3/03
SAGE-WISE meeting 23/4/03 Geek Gay and Goth party 24/5/03 Tidgy's birthday meal 7/7/03
Fanf's birthday party 30/8/03 Global Name Registry reunion 12/11/03 My 28th Birthday! 6/12/03
Silas leaves London 7/2/04 UK Bodyart Munch in Bristol 27/3/04 Eric's official birthday 19/6/04
UKNot meet in London 6/11/04 Glastonbury Boarders meet 25/11/04 My birthday party 4/12/04
Ladies who lunch! 22/4/05 Glasto Boards Mods' Meet 29/4 to 2/5/05 FARA plant sale at my house 18/6/05
Tony and Rachel's wedding 9/7/05 FARA picnic on Epping Common 17/7/05 Pink Picnic 20/8/05
Beth and Ali's commitment ceremony 2/9/05 FARA trip to City of London Cemetery 25/9/05 Paul's fireworks party 2005 6/11/05
Beth and Ali's civil partnership ceremony 2/9/06 Steve and Jon's civil partnership ceremony 23/9/06

Flash, Mike, Cray and Jez
Baby Flash Cray dog

Friends and Family
Xmas 2001 Family Goth friends (old)
Somerset friends (old) Various other friends (old) Our niece Hannah at 2 days old

[All photos of London landmarks are indexed here.]
Views from the London Eye (Dec 2001) Views of the City and centre. More views from the London Eye (Nov 2002)
A journey around the landmarks Thames Barrier and Greenwich car ferry More London landmarks
Greenwich - Observatory, Cutty Sark and views Tower Bridge Experience - views of London and the tower

Day trip to Paris (2002) Week in Amsterdam (2000) Classics trip to Italy (1990)
Classics trip to Hadrian's Wall (1990) Classics trip to Greece (1989) Honeymoon in Iceland (2006)
Driving holiday in Scotland (2007) Two day break in Liverpool (2008)

Leytonstone, East London
Blowing up tower blocks Snow in Leytonstone Rainbow over Leytonstone
Butterflies seen on Wanstead Flats (July 2004) Mist on Wanstead Flats (December 2005) Hitchcock mosaics in Leytonstone tube station (January 2006)

Miscellaneous & Art
Eclipse of the sun 1999 Filmmaking with a car and a webcam Boating on the Grand Union Canal
Visit to Taunton Cleaning a computer keyboard Field - an art installation under a pylon (Mar 2004)
Felling a tree in our garden (April 2005) Miffy 50th birthday exhibition (March 2007) 380kV Thames crossing electricity pylons (March 2008)
Fuchsias Flash owns A study of bridges in Wales (October 2009)

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