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This page seems to have degenerated into the 'my, dont Kev Pankhurst and Jon Hayes look hammered' page.

These are photos from Whirl-y-gig in 1999 - a great night out starting with hippy dance-trance being played until the small hours, then everyone sits down as a canopy descends, for the "parachute dance", and chills out to the sound of live music.

These are the only "clubbing" photos I have, because Slimelight doesn't allow photography, and I never have a camera at the Ballroom for Full Tilt, and the times I went to Don't You Want Me Baby at The Office, or metal night at The Wag, were complete afterthoughts, you know, 'Im bevvied up and don't wanna stop'... probably just as well there is no evidence!

Jon looking like Jesus, somewhat the worse for wear. Kev looking like a stoned thing.

The crowd give it some on stage...

...while Jon and Kev lose the plot on the bongos.

Finally, a lovely shot of Kev at New Year in some obscure club in Caledonian Road some years back. All I remember is being stuck in a car with some friends of Kev's that I didnt know, trying to guess the way across London by reading road signs and remembering the tube map, as it crept closer to midnight...

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