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My Family. I still have both parents (they've been married 30 years already!) and one brother 5 years and a day younger than me. They have two cats Romulus and Remus. Our family dog Lunch, pictured below, was sadly put down on 15 September 2005. (My own cat Jez has a separate page of photos - and his own website, and my greyhound Cray has his own pages here.)

Here we all are together in May 2002.

Here's my father Ian, with Lunch. Ian's a lovely person, if a little eccentric. He makes lists for everything, and it can be really entertaining to mix them up, for example to introduce floods into his weekly weather list, or a soap into his televisual entertainment list. He also has a tendency to use pompous words until he finds he doesnt use them correctly anyway (such as 'fortuitous'). But he's a top bloke and I love him to bits.

He doesnt just have lists, he has had this 'Eclipse 99' file of cuttings for many years of preparation, you know.

Here's my mother, Jill, with Lunch again. My mother is currently taking classes in using computer applications and doing very well, so Im proud of her. She'll have her own webpage next... She enjoys the wildlife in and around their house in Somerset, and is a cross between a hippy, and a matriarch. (Is that possible?) Lunch, by the way, is a rescue dog, part labrador, part greyhound, or something of that ilk.

Here are the cats, Romulus and Remus. The difference is that Rom is more tufty, and Reme more fluffy.

They look harmless enough asleep, dont they?

And here's my brother Giles with Romulus.

After my father, brother and I saw the eclipse in Devon, we went to Slapton Sands. This was once a training ground for D-Day, but it went a bit wrong and unfortunately lots of Americans ended up being slaughtered. Here, my father points out exactly where they all met their miserable deaths.

We then went to the Exeter Wetherspoons on the way home, and how many condiments did my brother need? I thought I was famous for it, but no....

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