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My Leaving Party - Demon Internet 23 March 2001

When I left Demon after 19 months, I was presented with the fantastic gift of a telescope (thanks everyone!). Demonites past and present attended, and much alcohol was consumed by all - starting with champagne in the Catcher, and ending with vodka in the Ballroom. A fun night out - you know I'll miss you!

Andy, Mike, Ryk and Jeff

Drav, Phil, me, and - oh! Jeff gets about, doesn't he!

As we all know, you get a free Lurking Goth with every Pepsi.

Andy played about with a flower.

Ryk was later heard to mutter "I'm not completely straight" - hands up who thinks he meant the alcohol, and who thinks something else? (Sorry mate!)

Andrew loses the cleavage contest, well, he is up against Pepsi!

Bill Hulley in Looking Happy shocker (well, the bar was drawing closer...)

Fanf in Looking Pissed... oh no, that's hardly unusual. Now Fanf what HAVE you just done to Andy?

James protects his beer from Mike's troll impression.

Patmac! Such a dude! Luckily he kept his arse covered on this occasion.

Demon's network is safe in the hands of this guy...

...and this one. Oh yes.

Mrs Dranse showed up.

As did Greg and Muppet.

Silas has been practising his Steps routine. It's one for sorrow...

James and Bill get to the serious business of drinking.

The End!


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