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Somerset People

Pictures of my friends from Somerset. The two people I've known the longest, Giles M and Bethan, are both here, as are various people... mostly in the pub...

Here's Bethan and her girlfriend Ali. They are two of the loveliest, most sorted friends I have.

Some dodgy geezers that went to the Rocky Horrow Show in costume. From left, Paul, Jase, Giles N, and front - Colin. Don't they look.. interesting..? Sadly, Colin died in a car crash in 2002.

Giles M, who I first met in 1989. We have lost touch recently but seem to catch up with each other every so often. He's a mad surfer person, and can often be seen in a wetsuit. Unfortunately all I have is a bad scan of a photocopy of a photograph.

Bethan outside my parents' house, with my friend from QMW uni, Kev. She hasn't just stolen that flower from the bush, oh no.

And some shots of people at New Year 1999. Traditionally, the centre of Taunton fills with revellers, some of whom climb the Christmas tree, others of whom just shout and cheer.

Jim Vere (right) in the centre of town. In the background there were some mad person stamping on live lightbulbs. Mmm. Clever. Everyone else was up the tree, or on a bus shelter. Or something.

And Dan, in 'Henrys' (a pub in the High Street which we haunt, with an inordinately good range of liqueurs and spirits) getting into the spirit of things.

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