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And finally my other friends, from London and all over. Featuring Psycho's Party and a trip to Glasgow, among other things.

Here's Fink, mad 6 foot 5 person from Dorking. He's lovely, and he likes his beer. Things with Fink are usually surreal, or at least entertaining...

...and here's Fink's sidekick Jinxx (getting electrocuted?)

This is Phil, aka Psycho. He's a programmer for Playstations in Soho, and also likes his beer (spot the developing theme...) This photo was taken on the trip to Glasgow...

...where we visited Iain, who told me I couldnt drink in the street there, and reluctantly held my balloons.

This is Ryk, my ex, my flatmate from 1995 to 2002, and good friend.

This is Mark, chilling at his flat in Stevenage. In fact he's just moved to a contract in the Netherlands for a bit (nice if you can get it...) He's affectionately known as Marrrrrrrrk on account of his 'Brisle' accent. And I know too many Marks. Mark is another IT bod (in fact all of my friends seem to be...)

And so to Psycho's party, in a Wetherspoons in central London last year.

Strange girl (known as Molly), her bloke at the time and Vijeet (yes! He's a techie and he loves his beer!)

Psycho looking well shifty. Maybe someone suggested that girl fancied him...

Thomas, and strange person who didnt speak to me. Thomas is kewl and good at falsetto karaoke songs. He is also a Playstation techie.

And finally, Reshad Ismael.

Reshad was a close friend of mine, on my computing course at Middlesex Uni. As you can guess by the use of past tense, he died, on Thursday October 8th, 1998. Although other people seem to look back and remember him being bouncy, it wasnt always like that. He and I used to get depressed and take it in turns to cheer each other up or share a shoulder. Id known him since before I joined the course, and still miss him dearly. There is a tribute to him written by one of the crowds we used to mix in here. His old website is still up, here - I am referred to by my mud name of Clarkson. It has been five years now but there are still so many times when I wish I could talk to him again.

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