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As I walk the dog through Wanstead Flats (part of Epping Forest) each morning, lots of small brown butterflies flit up from the paths and grass. I decided to photograph and identify them.

I have no prior knowledge of butterflies, so my identification may be wrong; particularly with Essex and Small Skippers where the only difference is the colour under the top of the antennae. If anyone can confirm or contradict the captions, please let me know.

Not sure what this was - but larger than Skippers.

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An Essex Skipper, up close.

More Skippers - from the markings, I think the one on the left is male.

A Meadow Brown on brambles (part of a larger photo so a little out of focus).

Skipper at a distance on a thistle flower.

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My favourite photo - an Essex Skipper.

A Small Skipper (note the orange underside to the antennae tips).

Another Meadow Brown, on the ground.

General shot of butterflies on bramble patch (Skippers and Meadow Browns).

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