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On March 23 2003 a group of us made a timelapse film of a car journey on the A406. This was a test trip - a full trip around the North Circular will follow.

I worked as Stills Photographer. Meet the rest of the team:


Stunt Driver

Production Assistant

Communication Expert

Vehicle Wrangler

Catering Manager

A half-minute clip from the film made can be seen here. [5.4Mb]

It is too bright - the full trip took place on a duller day and can be viewed here.

Here are photos of the day.

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Mike and Brian check the radios.

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Attempts to mount the camera on the bumper did not work.

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Mounting on the roof was far more successful.

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David checks the software.

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Steve and David control the laptop, while the support car follows behind.

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Brian and Mike offer "support" from the support vehicle.

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The camera has survived intact, held on by string, cable ties, kitchen towel and masking tape.

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How many geeks does it take to light a patio heater?

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The first rushes of the film are shown.

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We celebrate our success with a barbeque.

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