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I am a huge fuchsia fan, and have them in pots and planters, baskets and borders throughout my small garden.

Here are photos of some of the varieties I currently own. Click to view fullsize.

Fuchsia Annabel 1 Fuchsia Annabel 2
Fuchsia Autumnale Fuchsia Autumnale
Beacon Rosa
Fuchsia Beacon Rosa
Black Beauty
Fuchsia Black Beauty 1 Fuchsia Black Beauty 2 Fuchsia Black Beauty fruit
Fuchsia Cecile
Dark Eyes
Fuchsia Dark Eyes
Fuchsia Display 1 Fuchsia Display 2
Fuchsia Elizabeth
Fuchsia Flash
Fuchsia Genii
Glowing Embers
Fuchsia Glowing Embers 1 Fuchsia Glowing Embers 2
Fuchsia Gracilis
Harry Gray
Fuchsia Harry Gray 1 Fuchsia Harry Gray 2
Fuchsia Hemsleyana 1 Fuchsia Hemsleyana 1
La Campanella
Fuchsia La Campanella Fuchsia La Campanella
Lady Boothby
Fuchsia Lady Boothby 1 Fuchsia Lady Boothby 2
Lady Thumb
Fuchsia Lady Thumb 1 Fuchsia Lady Thumb 2
Magellanica var Alba
Fuchsia Magellanica var Alba
Obconica "Snowflake"
Fuchsia Obconica Snowflake
Orange Blossom
Fuchsia Orange Blossom
Pee Wee Rose
Fuchsia Pee Wee Rose
Fuchsia Riccartonii 1 Fuchsia Riccartonii 2
Shadow Dancer "Betty"
Fuchsia Shadow Dancer Betty
Sleigh Bells
Fuchsia Sleigh Bells
Spion Kop
Fuchsia Spion Kop
Strawberry Delight
Fuchsia Strawberry Delight 1 Fuchsia Strawberry Delight 2
Fuchsia Sunray
Swanley Yellow
Fuchsia Swanley Yellow 2 Fuchsia Swanley Yellow 2
Swing Time
Fuchsia Swing Time 1 Fuchsia Swing Time 2
Fuchsia Thalia
Tom West
Fuchsia Tom West Fuchsia Tom West
Fuchsia Tricolore
Winston Churchill
Fuchsia Winston Churchill
Unknown (1) - three flowers at each junction, upright
Fuchsia - Unknown Variety Fuchsia - Unknown Variety
Unknown (2) - unusual round fruit
Fuchsia - Unknown Variety Fuchsia - Unknown Variety Fuchsia - Unknown Variety

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