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Trip to Hadrian's Wall - 1990
When in the 3rd year at school, we went on a classics trip to Hadrian's wall. We stayed in a youth hostel in Northumberland which was horrible. The food drew comparison with people's bodily excretions. We spent the second night sleeping on the coach. In fact it was a pretty lame trip. I can imagine Jeremy Clarkson's voice saying "yes yes, it's a wall. Made of brick, long, goes from a to b. Oh look, more wall. Yes, it's still a wall. Very clever. Can we go to the pub now?"

Oh yes, and we got up at 6am and trekked through fog to see it. Fun fun. Here are the photos.

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Here it is... wall.

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All there was to see apart from wall was the back end of some sheep who were rockclimbing.

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Ah, now here's an interesting thing. This bit where it sticks out, that's a joint, to strengthen the wall as it changes direction slightly, or something. It's meant to look like that.

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So there we were, walking alongside the wall, when what happened but we encountered some ruins! Fancy!

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Some ruins we came across, serendipitously. As they say in Time Team, it's a series of low walls.

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See the wall in the background?

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More ruins.

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More wall.
The end. I think you had as much fun as we did.

If you're really interested in Classics trips, the trips to Greece and Italy were somewhat more interesting.

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