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Howard Jones 20th Anniversary Gig
Saturday 20th September 2003 was the date of a gig to celebrate 20 years since New Song was released. I used to love Howard Jones as a child - when I was 9 he was my favourite artist - and I still enjoy his music today.

He put on the longest set I've seen - three hours packed with acoustic and electronic music, and with special guests Jed, Nena and Midge Ure joining him at various points. The gig had a great informal atmosphere and HoJo seemed delighted to be there. A fantastic night's entertainment.

My friend Graham was sat next to me with a much better camera; his photos are here.

The soundcheck, of which we caught the end.

"I can't hear you!" - lapping up applause at the piano.

His friend on guitar in the acoustic first section.

The screen went back and Howard played his old electronics - Jed mimed.

Screens lit up as "New Song" began. It took him a while to start each machine going!

Sometimes the screens showed the footage from the cameramen. They were filming for a DVD of the show.

Acting up with Jed.

Jed dances - too fast for my camera!

In the second half, Howard was joined by musicians and backing singers.

We sang happy birthday to the backing singer, Shaz Sparks.

View from the back of the seated area. (We were at the front of it next to Howard's relatives.)

Nena came on stage for a German rendition of "99 Red Balloons".

Midge Ure joined Howard for "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" and "Vienna" - a high point in the show. He likened Howard's outfit to Liberace!

After the guests, it was straight into "The Prisoner"

The full band - drummer, guitar, bass, keyboards, mixer, 2 backing vocalists and Howard.

Howard in a yellow jacket as the band assemble on stage.

Everyone bows in front of an appreciative audience.

The band, Jed, Nena and Midge surround Howard at the end.

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