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Glastonbury Festivals Mod Meet
In which a motley crue of moderators from the Glastonbury Festivals Messageboards spend a weekend camping in Somerset.

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning eating, drinking and getting to know each other, then on Saturday afternoon the others climbed the Tor while I explored Glastonbury town.

On Sunday came the pinnacle of the trip - a tour around Worthy Farm, to see the Festival site while it's still being a farm. We were honoured to meet and chat with Michael Eavis on his doorstep! After this we returned for toasts and more food and drink, before leaving on Monday morning.

It was a fantastic weekend, and thanks must go to Elaine, whose garden we camped in and who welcomed and fed us magnificently, and Stephen, who helped and who organised the farm trip.

On the boards... In reality...
VampthingMe (Flash)
HuduPhil (or just Hudu)

They also brought with them Spacegirl (Helen number two, Mrs Hudu), Julie and Andrew (Mrs and Master HGM) and an array of doggies...

Sadly Metatron couldn't make it - otherwise, we were all there.

The photos are broken into four chunks:

Sadly, no photos of the amazing (and scary) storm which lashed around us in our tents on Saturday night... or of the election posters saying "Vote MUNT" - the local Lib Dem candidate.

So - on with the photos... Go to Saturday.

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