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Nine Inch Nails - London Astoria 2005-3-31
Photos of the second London gig, taken from the VIP balcony.
For photos from the first gig, taken from the front rail, see here.
For photos from the third gig, taken from the front rail and the side of the venue, see here.

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For the second London gig, we were unable to get a place at the front which was safe for me on my crutches, so I went upstairs to sit in the front of the balcony. The photos are taken from the front right corner in the VIP area.

The set list as I remember it began with Frail into The Wretched, and then included Wish, Burn, The Line Begins to Blur, You Know What You Are, The Hand That Feeds, Gave Up, Head Like A Hole, Reptile, Hurt, Piggy, Closer, Suck, Even Deeper and March of the Pigs.

The performance was amazing, it was like Trent had read the comments on the previous night and dropped in the stuff we wanted, like Frail into Wretched, and dropped out the stuff that jarred (which meant omitting With Teeth - oddly for the With Teeth tour!) Someone even breathed life into Jeordie as I'd swear he actually moved at least twice :)

If I'd been at the rail it would have been amazing (but the doors opened an hour before the time on the tickets, so I was late rather than early on my crutches) but hey, the performance was still astounding. I just hope I can get a decent vantage point for my last sight of NIN this year, at Brixton on July 4th. Suddenly I feel alive again...

There are lots of photos, click on any to see the full size image.

As before, the very first picture is the support act, Dresden Dolls. The last photo is the state of the speakers and drum kit after Aaron had trashed them along with his guitar.

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