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Flash's 26th Birthday - Party Photos

The theme for the party was to dress as an operating system. This meant that we had three BSDs (me, Pepsi and Fanf), one Tux (Clive), a MacOS (Mike), PalmOS (Phil Plant and his hand) and a Slackware (James). David refused to dress as an OS, claiming that as a network engineer he doesn't care about anything above layer 3 (don't worry folks, it's a geek thing). Unfortunately I didn't think to get all the OSes photographed together, but they crop in the photos from time to time. Incidentally the party was held upstairs in the Birkbeck Tavern - my local.

James shows off his "beastie" tattoo

The Ex-Middlesex crowd get rowdy

What's Rob looking at?

Pepsi drinks ale through a straw to save her makeup!

Pepsi and I lock horns

Phil, Patmac and Suzy smile obligingly with Charles and Phil R in the background

Ryk has just popped a sandwich into his mouth

Mike minds the crisps - just in case

Pepsi and Clive - the best dressed couple in town!

Phil, David, Mike and Fanf - Demonites past and present

Sorry to everyone the camera missed - and thanks to the landlord!

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